Monday, May 4, 2015

#theCityPrays 2015

The reason we pray is because we are not God. It's not our job to run the universe. Every time we try, we find out at that we are not up for the task. That's God's job.

The great news is that He has invited us into His Story of rescue and restoration. And part of that is setting aside time to pray to the God of Heaven, the One who sent Jesus to Earth to bring life to people who trust in Him.

So, Thursday, May 7, on the National Day of Prayer, the Lake Area Ministers Group is gathering on the stage of the Civic Center at 6:30 and pray. Pray for our city, our leaders, for the least of these as well.

30 minutes, about 10 prayers, white, black, male, female, all declaring that we trust in Jesus, the Hope for Our City!


Oh, yeah, and there is a Rockin Concert to follow, Chris August and Royal Tailor!  So get yourself to the Civic Center Thursday Night!