Wednesday, April 9, 2014

city-wide prayer time at the National Day of Prayer, Family Night Concert at Contraband Days - 2014 Style!

Last year was the first time the Lake Area Minister's Group hosted its National Day of Prayer gathering at the Civic Center Coliseum, just before the start of the Family Night Concert during Contraband Days. The experience was fantastic! 

So, we plan to gather a few thousand friends in the coliseum, within the biggest party thrown in this city, Contraband Days, and we carve out 30 minutes as a collective Church in the city, to share our voices of prayer with God. About 10 people will voice prayers of 2-3 minutes each. Everyone in the building will get to share a prayer via Text or Twitter @theCityPrays.

We have a few thousand cool flyers (front and back) below, and we are happy to give some to YOU!  They are at the InterGalactic Offices of, inside Laundry World, 2712 Lake St, Lake Charles (right next to Gordon's Drugs).

If  you want more info or to help, call/text Keith Bell, 274-9336, or Paul Pettefer, 794-9891.

What would we do to see God use us to Transform the City?