Monday, May 4, 2015

#theCityPrays 2015

The reason we pray is because we are not God. It's not our job to run the universe. Every time we try, we find out at that we are not up for the task. That's God's job.

The great news is that He has invited us into His Story of rescue and restoration. And part of that is setting aside time to pray to the God of Heaven, the One who sent Jesus to Earth to bring life to people who trust in Him.

So, Thursday, May 7, on the National Day of Prayer, the Lake Area Ministers Group is gathering on the stage of the Civic Center at 6:30 and pray. Pray for our city, our leaders, for the least of these as well.

30 minutes, about 10 prayers, white, black, male, female, all declaring that we trust in Jesus, the Hope for Our City!


Oh, yeah, and there is a Rockin Concert to follow, Chris August and Royal Tailor!  So get yourself to the Civic Center Thursday Night!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

city-wide prayer time at the National Day of Prayer, Family Night Concert at Contraband Days - 2014 Style!

Last year was the first time the Lake Area Minister's Group hosted its National Day of Prayer gathering at the Civic Center Coliseum, just before the start of the Family Night Concert during Contraband Days. The experience was fantastic! 

So, we plan to gather a few thousand friends in the coliseum, within the biggest party thrown in this city, Contraband Days, and we carve out 30 minutes as a collective Church in the city, to share our voices of prayer with God. About 10 people will voice prayers of 2-3 minutes each. Everyone in the building will get to share a prayer via Text or Twitter @theCityPrays.

We have a few thousand cool flyers (front and back) below, and we are happy to give some to YOU!  They are at the InterGalactic Offices of, inside Laundry World, 2712 Lake St, Lake Charles (right next to Gordon's Drugs).

If  you want more info or to help, call/text Keith Bell, 274-9336, or Paul Pettefer, 794-9891.

What would we do to see God use us to Transform the City?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

#theCityPrays, National Day of Prayer at Family Night of Contraband Days, May 2, 2013

Mayor Randy Roach (praying),
Deacon Francis Kay, Head of Episcopal Day School
Marcus Wade, Student Pastor at 1st Pentecostal Church
Charlie Langford, Senior Pastor, University Methodist Church
Rick McClain, Senior Pastor, Christ Community Church
Angela Bulhof, Director, The Wesley Foundtion
Darrell Bourgeois, Children's Church Pastor, Glad Tidings Church
Keith Bell, Youth Pastor, United Christian Fellowship Church
Photo taken by Paul Pettefer, leader  

 HUGE THANK YOU To Rick Hickman of the Lake Charles American Press for ALL of the above photos (except where noted)!

Oh Yeah!

We just opened the Family Night concert at Contraband Days with an Area-Wide Prayer Gathering! 9 Jesus followers, leading us for 28 short minutes lifting up to God our prayers for our culture, family, government, children, education, military, churches! God cares, God hears, God is worth all our lives!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

theCityPrays - Area Wide Prayer Gathering to kick off Thurs., May 2 Family Night Concert at Contraband Days

God is Alive. So we will pray to the God of Heaven on the National Day of Prayer, May 2, 2013. The Lake Area Ministerial Alliance is hosting an Area-Wide Prayer Gathering, in the Lake Charles Civic Center Coliseum from 6:30-7 pm, followed immediately by the Contraband Days Family Night Christian Concert at 7 pm.

The prayer time will be brief (30 minutes), with several different people praying for parts of our society. In addition, we will have a text and tweet prayer feed, where everyone in attendance can send in a prayer request or a prayer for one of the requests during the event, with a feed of the tweets on the screen.

It will be a night for the whole area to join in the worship of Jesus at the concert, and call out to God for our community, our nation, our families, ourselves, in prayer.

For more info, leave a comment below, or call text paul @ 794-9891.  We still have room for a few volunteers to join in helping during the evening.  

Friday, September 24, 2010


"Like the rising Son that shines
From the darkness come a Light
I hear Your voice and this is my
Awakening!" Chris Tomlin

As we take the first baby steps for, I'm asking God to Awaken us to Him. His Name, Strength, Hope, Joy, Character, Forgiveness, Justice, Mercy, Foreverness, Power, Patience. His Rescue available for us and through us in Jesus.

So, we start praying for theCityToBeDifferent.
Father, Awaken out Hearts to Your incredible story, and our little part in it.